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This course is designed for those who have learned French and who want to improve their level for professional purposes. It will help them to develop business proficiency in French and will give them the confidence to speak and interact in French. They will be able to communicate in French with colleagues, clients or prospects, as well as giving presentations, conducting negotiations or accessing new professional opportunities.


The training takes place online, which allows maximum flexibility. Wherever you are, a computer and an internet connection are all you need to take part in the course. The courses can be scheduled from one week to the next, depending on your availability. If there is any problem taking part in the lesson, it’s possible to reschedule them.

My experience

I have many years of experience with students of all levels and with different expectations. My career as a Certified Translator and Interpreter (German-French) has given me the opportunity to meet many people who have had to use the services of an interpreter to conduct their business in France or with French speaking partners and regretted not being able to talk fluently with them. This is how I changed the direction of my career and began to teach business French about 10 years ago.

Learning methods

The "students" are people who come from different countries. They all have learned French and their level is at least A2 (Intermediate). The support language we use during the lessons - if necessary - can be either German or English. The courses are adapted to the needs of the students (e.g. field of activity). The teaching materials are modern and include business and management topics.

It is also possible to work with materials suggested by the students e.g. work presentation or report. Of course, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

Depending on the needs and expectations of the student, the training offers a mix of conversation, listening comprehension and expression, reading up to date and relevant texts about current affairs or translation.


T.B. Belfast, U.K.

I have known Danielle for 3 years as my French teacher. I always look forward to and thoroughly enjoy my lessons. Danielle has a great capacity for combining instruction with a very approachable nature which has the effect of creating an environment which is very conducive to learning. You always feel that you are in safe hands.

M.S. - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Danielle does an excellent job of listening to her students and tailoring a learning curriculum to focus on the individual’s needs. With a combination of grammatical exercises, common daily interactive conversations, and leveraging topical news clippings, the student very quickly becomes immersed in French. As a new beginner, it was remarkable to see my progress happen in such a short period of time, which was largely due to Danielle and the welcoming learning environment she creates. I had tried other learning tools, but only with Danielle was able to really improve my French and correct many bad habits learned through these tools. I would highly recommend her as an instructor for those new to the language or that would like to refine their existing skill set.


  • Certificate in general management, IFAG Lyon, Ecole supérieure de management
  • Highest Goethe Institute Certificate in written and spoken langage, Francfort, Germany
  • Certificate in translation and interpretation – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Wiedbaden, Germany
  • Certificate in translation and interpretation (economics and business) – Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, Cologne, Germany
  • AKAD – Certificate in translation
  • State Certificate in translation and interpretation – Ministry of National Education, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Certificate in proofreading and editing
  • Centre d’écriture et de Communication (C.E.C.), Paris

Danielle Desteucq-Roettger